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SFI Coin Review – SFICOIN ICO Start at $0.10 at www.sficoin.co

SFI Coin Review – SFICOIN ICO Start at $0.10 at www.sficoin.co – SFI Coin Leading Platform up to 48% 

SFICOIN ICO Start with $0.10 from 26th November

hey guys, I wanted to do a review for this new platform SFI Coin. It’s snow and as you can see it starts from 26th November 2017. Alright and you can see the price $0.10 definitely that’s a plus point and I totally honest with you.

So only 15 million SFI Coin will be allotted during the ICO and of course it starts on the 26.11.2017. So if you definitely want a change be able to get a substantial amount of coins. There is a downside even though in price is love there is a max of 400 coins that you could burrow.

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So if minimum is 50 and maximum is 400 per day, I believe its 5 million per day. Since market demand is very high. I would decide to make daily sales quota for the ICO limited.

SFICOIN ICO Start at $0.10

SFI Coin ICO Review

Let me tell you this now if you want to be successful you want to get with a sponsor that’s gone be aggressive that works. So you can get that spill over that’s very important okay. So if you guys that are not new to binary and you click these random links from people that don’t really do anything. you’re complaining a long you have a little bit of people or one side is you know this way or that way you definitely want to be with a sponsor that you can get those or over and those spill over.

You can see it’s a nice global payment system. They say what’s cool is that they registered in the UK. We registered in UK and that’s good to see I know we’ve seen you know if you’ve been in crypto a while you know you kind of hate that UK.

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So many scams of course they’re now they weren’t lending platforms. so to say I kind of but as far as an ICO and coin and all that it was different but it still was something a sense lending but still you I hope you understand what you mean.

So I’m gone be making some update details tonight for some platforms that we just. It’ll be one video and it consists of just pretty much a summary from everything that we’ve been doing since October okay.

I know there’s a lot of platforms that haven’t received any love in a while and definitely want to definitely want to fix that and then just give you guy an update some actually.

SFI Coin Price Prediction

it may have already sold out some just been stagnant you know there’s like they’re not low paying and some you know even some of the new ones that we recently invested is we’re invested in and also the brand-new ones that just started such as you pointed things like that okay.

we go it’s block-chain that’s good blockchain technology I’m not gonna go through everything guys you guys shouldn’t know you know definitely you guys should be professionals now I know it I believe in you.

so I’m not gonna go through the nitty-gritty of these different things so Corn Exchange in life coin and CCX if that’s how you pronounce that one I’ve kinda seen one before but of course um yeah so three exchangers let’s check out the lending really quickly this will be a nice short video.

SFI Coin Exchange Rate

so you can guys could get to register so minimum ma you can begin with this 50 bucks and I like that I liked it a lot it’s not the 100 standard and so I like that but the course is 270 days so up to a thousand is two hundred forty days and of course the minimum which you have to have over

so that’s how the lending portion of it works maximum supply that’s high so yeah that’s definitely high I’m guessing that’s 300 mil because their commas are as we could see definitely not a you know us company because they would probably get there right so there’s probably a language preference e there or barrier you know. ten thousand a Winant dollar investment is for 90 days okay.


so III don’t you know look too much in that even spelling you know if we were having conversation my group about that I understand that spelling is important and stuff like that but when they’re translating or maybe using Google you know things may turn out to be you know not that punctual.

you know I won’t get mad over that because I’ve been around long enough to system to seeing it just by a passer overlooking anywho so to follow the steps below in no time you will have your bitcoins working for you so purchase of course from the exchange.

you can send a coin to your blocking wallet and then even lend or invest you know and then you get your daily interest that’s for sure I didn’t see okay so it’s up to fifty percent a month and then starting at the over a thousand dollars then you start getting a little bonuses.

  • Important Notes: If you planing to invest in SFI Coin then do Register from bellow button, once you have done and purchased the coin you will get 5% Extra Coin from our Team. You just need to submit you dashboard screen shot in bellow comment and you will get 5% Extra coin of your Total Investment. (Coin will be credited after 48 Hours from the submission)

Open Account : SFI Coin Registration

www.sficoin.co register account

so I certainly a premium and that’s good hopefully the wall with the amount of points that they have that’s definitely we hope that sustainable long long long term but I like this platform I will be investing it starts in a couple of days so the links in the description already.

so you guys though like I always say definitely be with a team that will be aggressive for this platform I will be I’ll be doing some really creative marketing for this so you guys that are on my team will get gain the benefit okay so that’s really cool.

so let’s take a look at the dashboard really quick so here it is and it looks really good i like it i like a lot simple straightforward it’s easy to you know follow or understand dashboard is there they give you your addresses or now and what’s cool is let me let me let me help you guys too.

SFI Coin Buy at www.sficoin.co

so if you see this right here right so set it to auto it’s important okay so if you’re sharing your your and that’s what i’ll leave – auto so people that are joining they’ll be the system automatically just put them left and right left and right.

so if you’re under me if you join the quicker you join when it comes to me you’ll be at the top and that’s important okay it’s part of the platform bit x bit x and stuff like that people that join really quick with me have earned a lot of money already so that’s important alright.

SFI Coin Review – www.sficoin.co

so I have like three four thousand people under me or you know I left him right over there and other binary platforms okay it’s only been like not even a month so that’s why SFI coin like I said be with the promoter or sponsor that will be aggressive.

so you guys can gain from that okay so that’s just a trick or binary you just don’t one you don’t want to be stagnant yes you’ll earn a lot of money you know definitely going to exchange and price increases because the amount of points you have but if you can take advantage of all the opportunities that these platform offers you’ll earn even more okay.

so if you want to learn more about this stuff or even be able to learn and do it yourself that’s where the group chats for I want to be able to help people and and you know I can’t hit necessarily hey place people for everybody cuz it’s getting so big but that’s why I like this platform because like I said the auto function and then.

www.sficoin.co Official Website of SFI Coin

We don’t have to manually have to sit there just try to manually help everyone have to help everyone okay. so if you’re not a big promoter and you just want to manually you know send some people to the left and then send some people to the right as you can see right here your referral link it changes every time so if you click left the changes and the domain right here the link it changes L or R okay.

so if you want to send it to five people have them sign out there and then change it send it to five more people having them that way you can balance it manually you can do that too I’ll leave mine on auto because I know for now I want to just grow a team and I’ll just let the system do it it’ll be off sometimes it you’ll see again bigger on one side within the system would then flush them over to the other side to hopefully that’s how it works because that’s how usually the platforms that I’ve seen based on my experience when it serves an auto option it

definitely tries to balance at how it might try to go heavy you know here and there for a little bit but the more people sign up it continues to battle all right so there’s other information here that you guys can check out see what you like I haven’t seen my link out its yet I just wanted to do this quick review because swamped right now.

SFI Coin Review – Final Conclusion

I will do an update video I’ll go through every detail of the website but I did take a look around I did speak to a few friends of mine and they gave it a thumbs up I did do I ran through checked out everything myse. lf but I didn’t go through the very like the details I didn’t contact support yet.

so all that I’ll do now but the lucky and the good thing is that it’s not going on it’s not live to see yet so it gives me time to definitely do my due diligence and I suggest you do the same and then I’ll do an update for it but in the meantime certainly register the links in the description and I’ll do my update video like you guys know me if you follow me you know that how search for everything possible that I can pull out you know I try to be transparent and try to be honest.

so if I see any flags you can bet I’ll share it okay regardless of how much I like the platform because the end of the day is not money you know people work hard for that so we just don’t want to give it away and throw it away through don’t have to alright so thanks for watching and I will do an update video links in the description for not only for SFI but for other platforms that I’m a part of as well as the group chat.

Official Website of SFI Coin : www.sficoin.co

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